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Journals and Mental Health

Journaling has been a big part of my life and growth since I can remember. I have stacks of books filled with my thoughts and memories that have morphed through the years. First, they were filled with schemes and lists of adventures. Then they became mostly short stories and diaries before turning into dark poetry during adolescence. There are a few years unaccounted for in my stack of journals, blank with time I battled with depression. I didn't notice it then, but those were probably the times I needed to journal the most.

Once I reintroduced journals back into my life, they were for completely different reasons. Now, they are devotionals, doodle catchers, recipe sharers, mixed media outlets...They continue to morph through life based on what I am in need of and where I am in life.

As an artist, I have found that it is very important to have a personal artistic outlet. Otherwise, your work is now your art and your art is your work and there is no more room for you to be an artist anymore. It is not healthy. Having a journal is a perfect way to keep something for yourself!

Right now, I am working in a journal by Promptly Journals.

What I love about their company is their awareness of the importance in journaling. On their website, they discuss that using a journal can decrees anxiety and stress, foster mindfulness and presence, and improve memory and focus. They have categories of journals to choose from that are thoughtfully guided to make documenting, connecting, and healing effortless. When my parents moved out of their home it was really hard on everyone but especially on them. So, with hopes to remind them of this new adventurous time in life they have embarked on, I gave them the Adventure Promptly Journal where you can document your travels and excursions.

In this video, I am using their blank journals that they offer! I was elated by the color options. I chose the mustard color because, duh! This video is also posted on my tiktok and instagram! Follow me for more journaling tips and videos!


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