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Uberliss Bliss

I had the privilege of being able to test out a new line of haircare called Uberliss! I first found out about them through a friend who tried their super awesome hair dye, so I was thrilled when they sent me their new products to test out!

Here is a break down of each product and my HONEST results and opinions for each one:

Infused with Marula, Moringa, and Vitamin E Oil.

The Überliss Frizz Elixir provides dual protection against frizz, humidity, and thermal damage.

Helps control static while smoothing and softening rough cuticles.

Safe on chemically or color treated hair. Infused with Vitamin E, Marula Oil & Moringa Oil.

My Results: I was super excited to try this product because I am huge fan of texture and frizz sprays for my hair. I have curly/wavy hair so I have the possibility of turning to a frizz ball some days and a wavy lifeless mess another day.

Some sprays I use work well on dry hair, so I first sprayed it on my already dry hair. NOT A GOOD IDEA. Because this spray is hydrating and oil infused, it made my hair stringy and a little wet looking. Unfortunately, I was not getting ready for a sultry wet model look that day...its fine.

So, I tried it with an open mind again the next day on damp hair. SOOOOOO much better. Absolutely no frizz in sight and my long locks were super soft!!

Disclaimer: We all know that dirty, sometimes dried out hair is easier to style. So if you are not into soft silky hair because you're partial to the 80s hair this product will work better for you paired with a heavy texturizing product.

With Royal Jelly, Blueberry, Apple, Sugarcane, Green Tea, Lemon Peel & Keratin.

Who said sulfate free shampoos never foam? The Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses the hair without stripping its natural moisture. Best of all, you're going to love how well it foams! The Hydrating Shampoo will leave your hair fibers so easy to comb that you won't even realize that you shampooed. Your hair will be rehydrated and strengthened with plenty of moisture thanks to the Keratin. Say Buongiorno to super shiny and healthy hair!

Available in 250 ml / 8.45 oz

My Results: Hydration is key when it comes to curly hair, but too much hydration can also weigh the curls down depending on what the "hydration" consists of. So its a friggin battle.

I always try to stick with sulfate free hair products so I went into this trial feeling pretty comfortable about it!

When I first tried this product, to be honest I was not moved by it. I was use to using a shampoo that was super foamy and a little bit heavier. Because this shampoo felt lighter and dryer, which in my mind meant that it must be drying out my hair.

However, after using it consistently for a week or two (I wash my hair every other day) , I began to notice that my hair was a lot stronger and I was not shedding as much. Hallelujah!! Glad to be stood corrected.

With Royal Jelly, Apple, Sugarcane, Green Tea, Lemon Peel & Keratin.

Whats the secret weapon to maintaining frizz free & hydrated hair? The Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner! Rehydrate your hair fibers with this amazing conditioner, infused with Green Tea, Lemon Peel, & Keratin. Your hair fibers will be super easy to comb and so shiny that you won't stop touching your hair. The Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner is fortified with plenty of Keratin, so your hair strands will have much better fiber elasticity and be stronger against physical strain.

Available in 250 ml / 8.45 oz

My Results: HYDRATION NATION! After using the shampoo, I left the conditioner in for about 2-3 minutes. I apply condition from head to tips even though they say not to apply it close to the roots because it makes your scalp oily. But like...HELLO! Don't you want the WHOLE strand hydrated?! Just lighting graze it through the top without rubbing it into the scalp...duh. Idiots I swear.

Anyway, because I have curly hair, I like to brush/ comb it in the shower so I can let it dry naturally after my towel turbine has done its job. Seriously my comb went through my hair like I had strands of silk!

When my hair dried, my ends were anything but dry looking.

I respect what I do and it is my passion to help my readers find real answers and read real information. My reviews are honest and I am always sure to give products proper trial time before stating my results and opinions!

Until next time...


Lady Liberosis

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