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Aside from the social media shoutouts to my lady crushes, I started making MYSELF my Woman Crush Wednesday! ***puts tiara on*** I have been taking time for myself every Wednesday for the past 6 months now and I abso-friggin-lutely recommend it! Crushin on yourself is important!! God made you fabulous and worthy and you deserve to make time to take care of yourself. You only got one life and one body so cherish it and celebrate you! If you never take the time to rejuvenate and love yourself how do you expect to successfully love those around you with your fullest potential?! Um, hello, you can't.

I have created a regimen that gives me time for myself but is also doable for a busy lifestyle...

1. I wake up, make myself some tea, and take about 30-45 min journaling in my bible. This allows me to start my day with the Lord and wake up my creativity!

2. After work, I literally just sit on the couch and watch an episode of something on Hulu or Netflix. My current fixation is Designated Survivor. I am a complete sucker for a good political scandal series. I am not real good at sitting and doing nothing, so I use my TV time to multi task and put in my hair mask. Especially during those stupid Hulu commercials like what the heck am I suppose to do just sit and actually watch that crap? Does anyone actually do that? Here is my favorite simple #AF DIY hair mask that I cook up:

- 2 egg whites (less or more depending on hair length. Mine is long)

- 1/2 tbs olive oil

AND THATS IT! Yes, it will harden that's what you want. This mask does wonders for split ends, which saves me from having to get my hair done.


(for me anyway. I seriously hate that thing)

3. This is when I begin the pampering party for one. I am a huge fan and advocate for detoxing especially in bath form! Party starts with my homemade recipe that I am working on making into a bath bomb form but that to be continued.....

- 2 cups of apple cider vinegar

- 2/3 cup of baking soda

- 1/4 cup of powdered ginger

- 1tbs coconut oil

- 20 drops of rose hip oil (optional)

- 5 drops of jasmine oil (optional)

- rose pedals (hello I said pamper and I meant it)

Soak for 20-30min

I usually take a cold shower right after to get all the sweat off and wash the mask out of my hurr.

IMPORTANT : If you cannot handle heat well then this detox method might not work for you! And that is ok!

Bath water does get very hot and if you do the bath right you WILL sweat like a monster but thats what you want. So be sure to have a big jug of water with you during your soak. I legit use a gallon jug.

4. I then proceed to throw on my lucky white robe and put on a face mask. Depending on how my skin is acting that day will determine which mask I choose, followed by putting cold tea bags on my eyes. So, since I am just laying there, and we both know I need to multi task, I use that time to call a family member. Most likely my Nana because she's my best friend hehe. All of my relatives live elsewhere so phone calls are may importante. Now that my hair, my skin, and my soul are feeling on point, time for step 5!

5. Time to get my ducks in a row for the next day the Kailey way, which looks something like this: I make a list of things to get done for the next day, per usual. Then I whip out my bullet journal and fill out a page or two while listening to a meditation playlist. This gets me in the zen mode before winding down for shleep time. Yay!

The detox usually makes for a calm and relaxed journey into dream land and it is amazing. Be prepared to pee a ton the next day, but totally worth it. I read a page from Jesus Calling before rolling over and head for snooze.

Hopefully my layout will give you an idea for your own regimen! I have seen dramatic changes in my mood and my ability to process anxiety by taking time for myself and spending some quality time with just me and the Lord.

Time to call it a night!

Till next time my magical unicorns...


Lady Liberosis

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