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2017 Thrift Hunt Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Thrift Hunt! It was our hope to host an activity that brought the community together, helped resellers network with one another, and assisted new resellers in learning the business and profitable brands! We feel we accomplished that and had so much fun doing this with you guys! Be on the look out for a new challenge in 2018!!!

In the mean time, we are always doing little activities here and there every month. Currently we are doing a Mystery Supreme Raffle!!! All Supreme items are NWT! each entry to $10 (max 3 per person).


2nd Place - @Ash.Revival (623 pts.)

3rd Place - @Blondeandthrifty (421 pts.)

Round of applause for these thrift animals!!! Be sure to show em some #instalove and congratulate them!

Now What...

(For anyone who participated). Make a post captioning something that you learned throughout the hunt experience / Connections made / How you benefitted from the challenge! Tag @threadheads_apparel and @thebloggery


Lady Liberosis

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