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Bullet Journaling DOs and DONTs

I started a bullet journal for the first time probably back in middle school. As a creative person, sometimes staying on task, being on time, and being organized is a...challenge. I was a pretty self aware kid so I knew if I was going to make in anywhere in school I was going to have to step out of the box to be able to take notes and memorize. Thus, my first bullet journal was born. I was not aware it had a real name. For the longest time I just figured I was weird like that! Come to find out, it is actually a tool that has become extremely useful for so many people that need organized creativity!

After creating a new one for every year after, I had the practice under my belt to determine the best way to layout my journals. There are no rules to how you use it because every journal is and should be different and customized to the person using it. If you need color everywhere, go for it. If you rock the black and white that cool too. Although there is creative freedom, I have found some guidelines to be useful when starting your bullet journal!

DOs :

1. Find Inspiration!

Check out where you can learn and see examples before starting your own! There are also Facebook groups dedicated to bullet journaling that you can join!

2. Free Your Mind

This is your opportunity to add creativity into your life not add stress. So just go for it! Start making a calendar, a todo list, a recipe. Literally ANYTHING!

3. Be You BooBoo

If you are OCD about your creativity like I am, then you understand the need for a pencil and an eraser. There is no shame in being yourself in this thing thats what the whole journal is about. Don't try and be something that you are not. Trust me, the journal knows and its laughing at your denial. So, if you want things to look a certain way then you take that extra time sketching it all out. If you are the markers and sharpie go hard or go home type of journalist then you do that!

4. Harmonize

Stay consistent with changing it up a bit. Try new things until you find your rhythm that beats to both your creative side and organized side. Shoot, change it up every single day if you have to until you find that sweet sweet harmony! You know when you have found your method when it begins to feel fluid and is actually benefitting your productivity.

5. Make an Index

Trust me, you want an index if you plan on going back and reading through it. Add page numbers at the bottom and leave the first few pages blank to add the index in as you create a new entry!


1. Don't Compare

As I said before, the whole idea behind the journal is yourself. Just because one journalist doodles and the finger paints that doesn't mean one is better than the other. It is just customized! Beautiful concept though, really.

2. Don't Make It a Chore

The journal is not intended to be one of the items checked off your ToDo list on page eight. The moment that this becomes a stress instead of a benefit is moment you need to change the priority or perspective of a bullet journal.

3. Don't Freak Out

If you make a mistake, forget to do it a few days, or if your cat clawed a few pages, It only adds character to the journal. We make mistakes, and I'd much rather get them out of the way in my journal verses real life! If we forget to use the journal for a little bit it's no big deal because NO ONE CARES BUT YOU! There is no one grading us or asking us to turn it in for a grade. It is a tool that is all our own and we call the shots!

I will be updating more pages as I go for you guys to see if you need inspiration!


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