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Sweater weather & glamorous leather

"aha \ä-ˈhä\

discovery or sudden realization of something amazing"

Although these pretty babies will be featured in November, I couldn't wait that long to show them off to you guys! Aha Crafted has created a line of leather and vegan leather earrings, and let me tell you they go with even more outfits than I first expected. In these photos I paired them with a dandelion cardigan sweater by Ava & Viv and a cream crocheted scarf handmade by my talented mama!

One of my favorite parts about these earrings, besides the fact that they go with everything, is how lightweight they are! Drives me nuts sometimes when I can't wear large earrings because of how heavy they are. I'm not trying to be Dumbo by the time I'm 40.

The craftsmanship that goes into these earrings is so lovely. In their home of Southern California, Aha's leather and vegan leather earrings are handcrafted using the idea that not all leathers are created equal. They handpick most of their leathers from Italy, France, and the US. They chose their vegan leather source based on its reputation as the " only one of the only Eco-friendly vegan leathers made in the United States". I find that to be pretty awesome!

The metals used are either sterling silver or 14K gold filled. They also have solid 14K and surgical steel available upon request. Boom.

The reason that they use these metals is not only because its safe for multiple skin types, but also because they will last without doing that gross chipping discoloring thing some jewelry ends up doing.

You can even choose a style that includes gemstones!! These are seriously so cool I am going to have to get a few pairs of these myself. The stones used are all either genuine energetic gemstones, or natural wood or bone! Like...could these earring be any more perfect for us Earth lovers?!

On their website, they provide a page dedicated to learning about the power behind the genetic properties of the gemstones they incorporate! To read about that click here!

So basically if you haven't figured it out yet I love these earrings. I do not bother you guys with a blog posting that I, myself, would not agree with. Do you and your pocket a. favor and get some of these versatile, Earth loving earrings that go with everything and are at an affordable price.

Till next time...


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