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Knotty Gal

Fiber art is pretty much one of my top favorite art forms. Growing up with a hippy, crafty grandmother, I learned my first knot pretty young. For me, macrame and weaving is therapeutic. The feeling of manipulating fabrics and fibers to create a picture is satisfying and ultimately rewarding when it is finished.

I am not one to use a given pattern to start off with. I prefer to start with a blank idea and let my hands communicate what my mind sees. This leads me to start over a few times in the beginning, but it is always worth it in the end when I know with confidence the pattern is mine and not a copycat.

This particular wallhanging is what I like to call a Hybrid. I began the Hybrid Collection recently back in April with the idea to mix macrame and weaving together into one piece. This one is a size large (3ft wide 5ft long) selling for $250 on Etsy

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