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The Best Apple Pie Recipe

The Best Apple Pie

Apple pie is one of my all time favorite Fall desserts, which makes me very picky critic.

This recipe is my all time favorite because it is not only delicious but easy to make and doesn't require a ton of ingredients.

This past weekend, we visited Eastmont Orchards to do some much needed Fall apple picking! There is nothing quite like eating an apple right off the branch! When you go apple picking you always leave with enough to feed a village, so using some to make an apple pie is just a necessity!

Before we get cooking, let's gather all the ingredients:


5-6 Granny Smith apples

1/2 lemon


1/2 cup Quick oats

Baking + Spices

1 1/2 cup brown sugar (no bleached sugar here!)

12 tbsp flour

1/2 tsp salt (I like using sea salt)

Baked Goods

1 pie crust


1 1/2 stick butter


1/2 cup Pecans

1/2 jar of caramel


Step 1: Set oven for 375 degrees

Step 2: After peeling and slicing the apples, mix the apples, ½ juice of a lemon, ½ cup of brown sugar, 4 tbs of flour, and ¼ tsp salt together in a bowl. Set aside!

Step 3: In a separate bowl, create the delicious crumb topping by first adding ½ cup of flour. Add 1 ½ sticks (12 tbs) of cold butter and cut it into the flour using a pastry cutter. Make sure the butter gets cut down to the size of little rocks. Then add 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of quick oats and ¼ tsp of salt. Mix it all together!

Step 4: Pour your apple mixture into pie crust and lay out the apples evenly. Then cover with the crumb mixture.

Step 5: Wrap foil around the rim of the pie crust. This will help the crust not get burnt during the baking process since the inside will need longer to cook.

Step 6: Pop it into the oven for 25 minutes

Step 7: Remove the foil and cook for another 30 minutes

Step 8: If you wish to add pecans, finely chop them up and add them to the top of the pie and let cook for the final 5 minutes of the baking time. If you’d also like to add caramel, add it to the top once it is removed from the oven.


My favorite way to top off an apple pie is with some vanilla ice cream, of course! My go-to brand is Stonyfield Organic! Literally the best frozen yogurt it literally taste just like vanilla ice cream!!



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