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Halloween Decor on a Budget

I am a certified event designer through the Wedding Planning Institute. One of the biggest reasons I love designing events is because I find such an importance in creating experiences. The way I see it, designing a space is an opportunity to provoke or move something in people. Maybe it's the opportunity to awaken interest, or to inspire creativity, or maybe just to bring comfort and good vibes to the space.

The choice in pieces or decorations and their placements can provide an intentional experience.

But enough about my philosophies on design. Let's talk about how to create these spaces WITHOUT breaking the bank.

I am obsessed with doing all of my decorating on a budget. Doing life on a budget, really. I have learned all the DIYs you'll ever want to know, honey just stick with me.

When I was planning the Halloween party, that was no exception!

Here are examples of budget friendly ideas for your next Spooky gathering!

Tablecloth Layered Backdrop DIY

Basically, all you need is black table cloth, scissors, and some ribbon or twine. Which can all be found at the Dollar Tree as well! Here is the breakdown of how I tied the knots. Be sure to NOT be perfect. It actually makes it look a lot more Tim Burton when it is more whimsical in length.

Spooky Candle Sticks DIY

I found these glass candle sticks at the Dollar Tree and have used them for so many different DIYs in my house. They came in clutch for the party too! I wanted to spray paint them black, but as I was spraying them the paint was not sticking in certain spots based on the angle that I was spraying them. It created such a beautiful and haunting look to them that I left it just like that!

Wall Bats

The wall bats were a big hit this year! They are so easy to just stick where you want to add a little spooky character to what you already have up in your home! I stuck them on the wall in my tall staircase to make them look like they were flying up to escape out of the skylight. TIP: Add quirkiness where you can. The human mind is attracted to that and enjoys the break in monotony. I used 2 packs from Amazon.

Glass Domes

I love my glass domes! I bought mine from Amazon and my extra large one from Hobby Lobby.

You can use them for any occasion because you can display anything in them! The little skull stand inside the extra large one was from the Dollar Tree! (The spiderweb table cloth set is also linked with the photo)

Floating Candles DIY

I think these were the biggest hit of the party! They look so cool and, when placed correctly, transform an entire space. I got the tea lights guessed it...the Dollar Tree! They come in a pack of 2 so I bought 5 packs. I hung them in our foyer where we had the ofrenda set up for Dia de los Muertos. There were candles EVERYWHERE! It looked super cool! In the video, we had already removed some but it still gives you the idea.

HOW TO MAKE: Wrap white/cream colored paper around a plastic tea light and secure with either tape or glue. Add the wax dripping effect by drizzling hot glue on top and around the edge of the tea light! Take fishing wire (it HAS to be clear wire for the illusion to work, obviously) and hot glue one end of it to the tip of the plastic flame and tape the other end to the ceiling with clear tape.Make the lengths of the wire different so it looks more whimsical!

The Ofrenda

For the ofrenda, I kept it simple and modest. The ofrenda is traditionally suppose to be more dramatic, but I think less is more, especially for a party where some guests might not yet understand Día de los Muertos.

I bought the table from Hobby Lobby and I owned everything else that I decorated it with. The tiny box is filled with items from our family members that we celebrated! The Papel Picado Banner was also an Amazon purchase. I made the traditional sugar skulls and baked the Pan de Muerto, which was pretty frikkin good if I say so myself. You can find my recipe here!

I hope this answered your questions and gave you some inspiration for your next event!

You're welcome.


Lady Liberosis


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