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5 Creative Life Hacks Using a Potato

I am obsessed with potatoes. They are yummy in all forms and I eat them regularly throughout the week. But I don't just love them because they're delicious, I also love using them in everyday life and situations.

Here are 5 Creative Life Hacks to save your potatoes for!


They make the best DIY stamps! Just cut/carve out the shape you want, dip it in fabric paint, and BAM you have your own patterned fabric! Here are a few photos of the me and the girls I nanny for making our own stamps! I think they want to create a pillow with their fabric!


Potatoes are great for brightening up dark circles! They contain an enzyme called 'Catecholase' which helps to brighten the skin. This is great news for not just dark circles and dark spots but also pigmentation of the knees, elbows, arm pits, etc! You can use potato juice like a serum or leave slices right on the targeted area!


Potato Juice is basically a magic potion! It has been the secret used for centuries in combating ailments. It has been used for things like ulcers, sciatica, sprains, heart burn, bruising, and gout, and even simple problems like relieving a cough! This magic juice also cleanses the liver and stimulates circulation throughout the body. This helps with things like arthritis, joint paint, and asthma.


Consume a spoonful of the potato juice diluted in water half an hour before each meal.


Wash the potatoes, peel them and remove any crap. Then drain the juice using linen cloth. Or you can use a juicer. It honestly taste like crap so feel free to add lemon juice, carrot, apple, and honey! I got the mixture idea from The Holistic Life Challenge


Your potted plant babies will LOVE potatoes! It is a natural source of food for them that is super rich in nutrients. Sprinkle a few shavings throughout the soil!


The spuds make housecleaning a whole lot easier. I like rubbing potatoes on all the glass surfaces like windows, mirrors, and even eyeglasses! I don't really know the science behind it but someone gave me the tip one day and I ran with it! It seriously works so well! No chemicals and no strong smell.

I am always glad to provide DIYs and natural alternative to make our lives easier! As always, feel free to ask questions and send me an email!


Lady Liberosis


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