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FREE Printable Healthy Grocery List

Quarantine has completely wrecked my diet. I am all for curves and believe having some body to you is cute, but this is currently the thickest I have ever been in my life and I am feeling a type of way about it!! I mean, I totally did this to myself. The snacking, the boredom munchies, the baked goods that we're all making right now for the sense of is officially catching up with me. I am sending "the essential spouse" (Johnny) to the store today for one last pick up before these next couple of weeks of total lock down. I am determined to turn our diets around now and not wait until this all blows over. Here is my easy to follow healthy grocery list that I am sending him with! Obviously, he doesn't have to get everything on the list but these are the guidelines lol:

Free Printable Download HERE

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