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Health Benefits of a Foot Detox

After posting my recent videos on my Instagram story about my foot detox, so many people rushed to my DMs to figure out what the heck I was doing!

I am a huge fan of detoxing regularly. The toxins we expose ourselves to wreak havoc on our immune system leading to crap like joint pain, skin issues, mood swings, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and so on. There are multiple ways that detoxing can be done, but I wanted to shed light on one of the best ways which is through your feet!

Due to how the body circulates, toxins end up settling in the feet, even more so if you are not active enough. The map above shows which acupressure points of the foot correspond with a specific bodily organ. Following this map is how reflexologists can open up the pathways to draw out toxins! Pretty cool, huh?

The detox pads I used in my video pull out toxins and metals through the bottoms of your feet while you sleep. Peeling them off the next morning provides a nasty yet helpful visual of what grossness our body needs to rid itself of.

I chose to try this brand from Amazon based on its price, reviews, and how many came in each box. The photo above is also my foot the morning after! YUCK!

These pads contain natural ingredients to help cleanse and energize the body. When I made Johnny try them he couldn't believe how great he felt the next morning.

Hope this inspires a new health routine for your new year! Lets make 2020 healthier than 2019 together and liberate ourselves of toxins....cuz like ew.


Lady Liberosis

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