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VII Code Beauty

ATTENTION! LATEST BEAUTY HACK! As you guys know, I do NOT vouch for every single product that I test. Of corse, this is my job and I want to make great reviews for clients, but I also pride myself on not fooling my readers and the people who trust my content. Not to mention the young ones looking up to me!

VII Code Beauty is a brand I have gotten behind because it has actually worked for me! I have suffered from dark circles since I was a tyke. It is hereditary and it blows...thanks fam! I try a lot of different things to hopefully help in that area, and VII Code eye patch masks are a go to beauty secret of mine!

My main obsession with this product is the actual texture of them! The gel, on the side that goes on your skin, is thick with a hold and not wet like most eye masks. It drives me frikkin crazy when I have to keep adjusting my eye masks. This allows me to SLEEP with them on and soak up the magic all dayum night! Seriously, a game changer!

They also just added a new product that I have had the opportunity to try out! It is the Oxygen Hydrating Eye Spray...ITS BOMB!! I spray it around my eyes at night and in the morning before putting on make up. It is made to tighten and maintain skin moisture ,while also helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A cool fact that affirms the science behind the product is that it is rich in EOPE ( ecological oxygen plant extraction). The mask uses plant oxygen extracts to repair the skin around the eyes!

House Bunny taught me that the eyes are the nipples of the face. Keep them pretty hehe.

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Lady Liberosis

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