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Have you ever wanted someone or something to just break you down and explain yourself to you? HAHA, ditto! I also really wanted to understand not only myself but those closest to me! If I could understand them and take a look inside maybe I could learn ways to understand and love them better.

We all strive to be understood, and thankfully there are so many resources and books now to be able to help with that. One being an Enneagram Test. I am a huge believer in this process! Once you have a clue as to why you are the way you are, or why you struggle in certain areas, it is much easier to find self-improvement and acceptance.

I first took the Enneagram Test when I was 20 and now being 27 the results are still the same! I believe that it is completely possible for your score to waver with the changes you make throughout your life. Some people turn a certain point in their life and become a completely new person. In those cases with crazy self-metamorphose, I would advise to take the test again! Don't expect EVERY detail to change, however. After all, God made you with certain parts that He purposefully put there no matter how much your life changes. THATS WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU!!

Here are two test options that I recommend taking to get to know you and your loved ones better! BE BRUTALLY HONEST NO CHEATING!!

(you will have the option to find out your "wing" at the end of the test when you get your "type" result)


In case you were wondering, I scored as a type 3 wing 4! Hands up for all my Individualist Achievers out there! At different points in my life, sometimes I would lean more to the 3 and others I would be more in my wing being 4ish. But I stick in the same area pretty much!

Once you get your score back, you can read up on the results and get to understand yourself in a new way! I recommend also diving into some of these listed books:

Knowing more information about your make up can have a great effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing. I can say that it has helped my relationship with myself, with God, and with Johnny (my hubby) knowing what I know now! I hope that you find these resources helpful and feel free to share your results I'd love to hear them!


Lady Liberosis

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