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3 Benefits of Sleeping Butt Naked

Good news! Save money and storage space by chucking/donating your sleepwear!

After understanding some of the health benefits, I couldn't help but try it out. It has honestly been a pleasant surprise! I thought for sure I was going to feel weird and not be able to sleep, but the experience has been just the opposite! I sleep great and I don't have the unpredictable night sweats I get at times.

3 Benefits of sleeping butt naked:

1. Sleeping Naked Reduces Stress

Stress is a killer. Literally. It screws with your immune system and increases your risk of pretty much every disease ever. It also increases your risk of depression, anxiety, and obesity. Less stress = better night sleep. Better night sleep = normal cortisol levels, which is your body's natural form of stress management, metabolism regulator, inflammation reducer, and assists with memory formulation.

2. Sleeping Naked Makes You Cute

Having too much fabric on your body can prevent HGH (human growth hormone) from releasing. HGH helps repair tissue, restore hair + skin + nails, build muscle, and burn fat while you are catching your Zs.

3. Sleeping Naked Makes Your Privates Sparkly

Airing out your bits while you sleep is WAY more important than we think!! Wearing underwear traps in moisture....I don't think I need to explain the issues with that, but if i do...ask your mother.

Every night, your body detoxes and sleeping naked aids in a full body + skin detox. So, don't be surprised if you notice a new natural glow! Glowing face, glowing privates...what more could you want, man?

It is essential to have a balanced PH and

However, if you must sleep with clothes on, be sure to choose proper attire. Always go with breathable fabrics like cotton or silk. Those are really the only two that I like to sleep in.

** SIDE NOTE: Choosing boxers over briefs can have a huge effect on mens fertility.

So, let's all hold hands and skip to Walmart for some new cotton chonies.

These are just 3 of the many benefits that can come with sleeping butt ass naked. I, myself, have been super into the experience and hopefully I have opened your eyes to a new liberating idea to try this week!!


Lady Liberosis

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