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Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings have been a sacred ritual since we were kids. You lay there an extra moment after opening your eyes, rubbing the Friday night pizza crust from them. A large bowl of cereal is eaten at the altar where cartoons cradled our innocence. The sun comes in through your bedroom window more politely on Saturdays. Something about not being in a rush to enjoy the sun makes it burn for light and not scorch for time. Saturday mornings are opportunities to choose, to cease, whether that it ceasing the day or ceasing the sheets! There are no rules on Saturday mornings.

As I laid there on the couch stoking Johnny's hair, I felt so full. Animal Planet on the telly, eggs and bacon on the table, my best friend and love of my life in my arms...

Somewhere between the sharks and the Sea Dragons (my personal favorite) I lost myself in the moment.

I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had it ALL. God has been gracing me with the ability to find joy and fulfillment in all the blessed moments big or small.

Life is not perfect, and we will never have it all together. Never. I hope that you understand that no matter how much time you spend on this Earth you will NEVER have it all figured out.

Waiting for big answers and blessings to happen in your life to feel joy and fulfillment is going to be a very sad and longing way to live. Don't just Love every little puzzle in your life that fit together to create that big blessing you are waiting for. I know, that is easier said than done. It takes practice for it to become natural! Stay close to God and stay close to those who make you aware of your blessings! Oh yeah, and also watch more Saturday morning cartoons. For the soul, obviously.

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