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CLIF Energy meets NUUN Hydration

The entrepreneur life is a tough act. It takes so much heart and dedication and it can take a lot out of you. I was introduced to a few things that have helped give me a boost to help me get through the battle!


So, I had zero clue that CLIF made energy chews...but they friggin do and they are delicious. My go-to flavor is the Orange Flavor. Those little mothers have 25mg of caffeine per cube!! When I start fading mid-day, I pop one in and ride the boost. Obviously, I would not recommend these for a pregnant woman or someone with heart conditions due to the caffeine, but the rest of you can chew up and join me in the race to getting err done!!


It is obvious how important hydration is. We have been told since forever that it is pretty much impossible to sustain in sport and in everyday life without proper hydration.


- 75% of your brain is water

- 83% of your blood is water

- 75% of your muscles and 22% of your bones are water

- Water helps speed up absorption of food, and can help turn food into energy!

- Water helps eliminate metabolic waste products through urine.

- Water helps cushion and lubricate joints, organs, and tissue

- Water is a main componant of sweat. (during exercise waters absorbs heat from working muscles, releases heat through sweat which helps maintain body temperature.)

I learned all of this from their website! Definitely check it out HERE

Just pop one of these suckers in your water or smoothie and you're off to a good way to begin the day!

If you have questions, or want to know more about my experience with the products, feel free to shoot me an email as always!


Lady Liberosis

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