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Raise the Bar

Let's talk protein. This is a subject that I had to dedicate some research to because I don't eat a lot of meat or dairy and I like to get my protein on the go. The bad thing about on-the-go protein is that a lot of those products contain chemicals and crap I don't feel like killing myself with. Thanks though.

I have tried, what seems like, a billion different protein bars and shakes, and they all seem to make me bloat or literally taste like gooey paper. I finally came across a brand that combated those issues! Orgain found a way to make protein products that are committed to clean nutrition without making us all gag in the process!

Why should we trust this brand?

Glad you asked! I'd ask the same thing. I urge you to visit their website and read the whole story, but I'll give you a spoiler...the founder is pretty much a badass. The reason we can trust his research is because it started out as thorough research to save his own life.

Andrew was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tissue cancer when he was a teenager. Because the treatments caused him to become dangerously thin, Andrew was given"nutrition" shakes to help him gain weight, but obviously they all sucked and made him worse. After educating himself on nutrition, he began to realized all of the artificial and genetically modified ingredients that were in some of these shakes!

Andrew started blending shakes at home, bringing all the girls to the yard, using only whole organic ingredients that helped him grow stronger during treatments. If you don't understand that reference ask a friend. The success grew to a passion, which later grew to an obsession to find a way to provide a healthier alternative to not just him but everyone! A mission to feel better is now a leading health + nutrition brand! The shakes and snacks he made at home are now available for you and me! My entrepreneurial heart is so warm right now!

On the website, you can also check out meal plans using Orgain products based on your goals!! I feel like that would be super helpful. From snacks to meal replacement, there is a yummy, but most importantly safe, option for everyone in the family!

Get those goals people!!!!

But it without chemicals though.


If you are interested in trying the insanely delicious Orgain 12g Organic Simple Bars, they are available at To receive 30% off AND free shipping on a case of Orgain Organic Simple Protein Bars through 9/30 using the promo code: RAISETHEBAR

Lady Liberosis

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