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Small Laundry Spaces

I like to call my "laundry room" the "laundry hutch" BECAUSE IT IS SO FRIGGIN SMALL. I wanted to revamp my little sad hole in the wall, but obviously did not want to spend the money on it. I know that I am not alone in the fight against cramped spaces, so let me show you some tricks I used to create extra breathing room and appeal without kissing all my moola goodbye.

First, I chose to get two baskets : 1 for dirty clothes and 1 for the "put aways" you haven't gotten to yet. This will eliminate the excuse to have any clothes laying around. Using this size basket for the dirty clothes is perfect because it allows for a reasonable load size! This will keep your dirty pile from overflowing and keep you on a better laundry schedule. These both cost me $1 a piece at the Dollar Tree!

Now that my shelf has a purpose, I needed something to hold detergent and all that crap. I salvaged this old drawer and put handles on either side. I simply took some cotton cord and tied it to the handles! These handles were on sale at Walmart for $2.50 a piece!

Me being me, I had to add some things to brighten up the joint and cover up that unattractive water heater. Yeesh. So, I put my letter board to use and displayed the cleaning schedule! Cute, meet efficiency! And, yes, I am aware the N ran away. That's Life. You can buy one HERE!

I then added a signage I made with plexiglass for $3 that I framed with a wooden frame I thrifted for $0.50..... boom. A few of these are available in my etsy shop!

ps. Johnny and I got this new washer + dryer set from his mom as a wedding gift, and honestly its so bomb. I didn't know a washer and dryer could bring me joy. I am officially get old.

CLICK HERE to check them out for yourself <3


Lady Liberosis

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