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Composting in Small Spaces

So, you want to start a compost, ey?!

"But like...ew you can't your place is so small!" Shut up Becky I have a solution.

You do not have to have a big fancy and pricy compost transformer in your backyard to be a badass recycling hippie savage gardener. I have listed easy DIY compost piles that are quick and FRIGGIN CHEEP!

1. But First...Coffee

Use an empty plastic coffee can with its very own built-in charcoal filter! Now, this option leaves room for ZERO excuses to not compost SO DON'T EVEN! And to make it even more irresistible, it only cost me $2.00!!!

Supplies :

  • An empty coffee can or similar container with a resealable lid 

  • A package of charcoal filters from your local pet supply store – they sell them for kitty litter boxes (this eliminates the odor)

  • A drill with a 1/4″ bit

  • A hot glue gun 

 Directions :

1. Drill 10-15 holes into the lid

2. Hot glue a filter to the lid

These filters are a MUST HAVE in this situation, or else wherever you are storing your compost will smell like a situation. I recommend replacing the filters every few months!

2. Under the Sink...Under the Sink

That was a Little Mermaid remix if you didn't catch that. This second option is the option that I currently use in my tiny kitchen. The container you choose can be any size as long as it fits under the sink! It is easy to access without being out in the open! 

Compost vs. Garbage

Now that you are all set up and ready to compost, let's break down materials that can and can't be used in the process. We are going to separate them into two categories : Green and Brown.

YES! Brown Materials :

1. Dry leaves

2. Shredded paper (no color)

3. Sawdust + wood shavings (from untreated wood)

4. Woodchips + wood ashes

5. Paper towel + toilet paper rolls

6. Straw + hay

7. Cardboard (non-waxy)

8. Paper napkins and paper towels

9. Newspaper (no color and not shiny)

10. kleenex

11. Cottonballs

12. Hair

13. Dryer lint

14. Weeds

15. Kelp

16. Cotton Fabric

17. Used hops

18. Wine cork

19. Stale bread

YES! Green Materials

1. Fruit + veggie scraps (no citrus peel or onions. This will kill worms if you decide to add them to your pile. They speed up the process so they are our compost friends!)

2. Coffee grounds + filter paper

3. Tea bags

4. Feathers

5. Eggshells

6. Grass + plant clippings

7. Chickweed

8. Corn cobs

9. Spices

10. Dirt + soil

11. House plants

12. Nuts + shells

13. Wine + Beer

14. Oils + herbs

15. Water from boiled pasta or eggs

16. Tomato sause

17. Fruit cores + rinds 


1. Poop of ANY kind

2. Meat

3. Fish

4. Coal fire ash

5. Sticky food labels

6. Glossy or colored paper

7. Large branches

8. Synthetic fertilizer

I think you get the gist. Hopefully this little breakdown will help you jumpstart your composting journey! If you find yourself still having questions, feel free to shoot me an email!!


Lady Liberosis

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