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Viva la Mom

Mother's day is around the corner and I am racking my brain on a special gift. I have not always been the best at gifts when it comes to buying them... I still craft gifts like a 3rd grader, honestly.

Although, yes, I am an ambassador for Pura Vida, this is not a scam post to try and get you to buy from them. I receive email updates when they come out with a new product or sale, and when I was informed of their new bracelets for Mother's Day I was pumped!

This Gold Carnation Mother's Day bracelet is seriously so precious. Feel like my mom would appreciate the daintiness of it since she enjoys layering her jewelry! My mom is a philanthropic soul, so I also think she would appreciate the fact that the profits go towards supporting artisans in Costa Rica!

If you are interested in learning more about their different cause to choose from, CLICK HERE!



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