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Bachelor Season 22 Fashion

Needless to say, if you have been keeping up with this season's Bachelor you, these last couple of episodes have been have been dramatized to the Nth degree. Like seriously , Chris, could you relax. He reminded me of Stanley Tucci's character, Caesar Flickerman, in the Hunger Games. Subtle as a gun and cheesing with dramatic intensity.

For me, I don't really watch The Bachelor for the love finding process. Let's be real I watch it for the hilarious drama and the fashion!! Like, seriously, Krystal had me dyyyyyiiinnnggg. I could't even grasp how that was a real person and not a character LMAO.

The one thing I always notice when watching the seasons is the impeccable, and sometimes questionable, styles! Per usual, I did some research and looked up some of the outfits that interested me. Here is what mama found :

Me Likey :

First, I think we ABSO-FRIKKIN-LUTELY need to discuss Bekah K's dress that she wore for last night's final episode. Even though she mentioned a few time that the slit was a little high, I don't even care I still want it.

I am not even joking... I found the dress in my size this morning and apparently waited too long to purchase because this dress is now scarce online.

Bekah M wore a Majorelle Polka Dot Mini Evening Dress for the Women Tell All episode. She looked so dang cute and I was in love with the edge she brought to the look with her boots and statement earrings! *** insert beaming heart eye emoji***

And, although half of us thinks she a little bit of a dumbass, we can all agree that her Lauren B's dress last night was super doll. It definitely compliments the blond hair blue eye'd ladies I think.

As far as her hair goes, I constantly want to just 'guug' or however you'd spell that. Basically giver her a good noogie and give her hair some pizazz...but whatever.

Red is my power / don't want no scrub color. So, naturally I want googoo for Kendal's two crop set. She wore the CAYMAN CROP TOP ~ TANGO RED CRINKLE STRETCH.

UGH like why you do dis to me?!! Honestly, I love Kendal's entire wardrobe. And, unlike Lauren, I thought her hair was perfect at all times! yas queen **praise hands**

I love jumpsuits, but I am not one to wear a whole lot of velvet. However, this off the shoulder jumpsuit Chelsea wore for the Women Tell All episode is magic.

The piece is the PLUM DEEP LOVE VELOUR JUMPSUIT by Windsor. And guess's on sale!!!

My Fav :

I did not watch enough of Lauren S to make any emotional connection to her....but her Dotty Midi For Love & Lemons dress she wore for The Women Tell All episode... now THAT I felt an emotional connection to. I would buy this dress in a heartbeat if someone would be so kind as to donate $350 to me.



Bibiana wore the X REVOLVE LORETTA DRESS by House of Harlow 1960. I thought she styled this dress extremely well. Nude dresses can be so iffy to work with, but she worked it. She worked it so hard they had to blur her cleavage during the episode BAHH!

She accessorized it with simple gold hoops and made the right decision by wearing her hair up!

Can you tell I am picky about hair yet?

No... Just No :

Like...Valerie...Val...ValPal....what are you doing sis?

This dress made it to my list of Oh Hell No list of dresses from this season. It is so heinous I don't know who designed it but they need Jesus.

I mean, who knows? Maybe this dress would have looked great on someone else...but WHO LOOKS GOOD IN A HIGHLIGHTER GOWN?!?!

"You know... law skewl." Like, hi Elle Woods did you lose your matching hat? This literally infuriated me when Jennifer wore it on the first night. I can't tell what she is going for its neither cute, nor sexy, nor flirty, like TELL ME WHAT IT IS SO I CAN UNDERSTAND THIS DECISION!!!

That's all I got,


Lady Liberosis

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