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Growing up, I considered myself a feminist. Once I was older and learned the actual word in school, I finally had a word to describe what I stood for. I did not feel the need to make it known, wear it on a shirt or write it on a mug, or used it to find an identity in. People grew to know that about me through my actions and the way I held myself. They knew it by how I stood up for myself and the kind of goals I made. Now...this place has made me hide that part of myself that I once was proud of. I no longer want to stand up and say I'm a feminist when given the opportunity bc it no longer has the same meaning. It's used. It's been molded into a bad taste in your mouth instead of a refreshing one. It's turned into an agenda on a sign instead of a quiet sign of action. It's been turned into a way to fit in. I don't own it anymore because those who have lead the "movement for woman" don't even know the very definition and meaning of feminism. It has been taken too far and now is regressive in its attempt for progress. You can't find your identity in the word, or feel good about yourself for being apart of a club and having something to "fight for" AKA (in today's world) bitch about. Yes I said bitch about and not sorry for the language bc that's exactly what we do now. We have not a clue in space how to fight for anything with dignity left anymore. So thank you American Idiots for once again taking something productive and tarnishing it into something counter productive. We once had a voice...but now, like everything else you've "fought for" it fades to the background with all your other poster signs. 

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