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LipSense : Magic Kisses

I have to admit that I was one of the skeptics about LipSense! Which now I feel quite dumb about because it is exactly how it is described! It stays on all day and for a lipstick lover as I, that is great news!! After reading the directions, go figure, I understood the proper way to use the product. It does take 5x as long to apply, but if that means I kiss my man and eat my food without losing my lipstick that just fine with me!

My lips stayed on post kisses, popcorn, and cheering for Dem Boys....thats sucked up the game, but I digress.

Heres how you do it!!

1. Start with clean and dry lips + shake your lipSense

2. With lips apart, apply a thin coat in one direction from corner to corner

3. Let lips dry for 10 seconds without touch lips letting them come together. Channel you inner mouth breather

4. Apply 3 thin layers in total. Let each new layer dry.

5. Finish with LipSense gloss to seal in the color and hydrate your lips! Apply gloss throughout the day if needed.

Honest review:

I love it! My favorite part was actually the gloss! It is extremely hydrating and healing. My lips can get so chapped due to my obsession with long last matt lipstick. Hehe. I would use it before going to bed and throughout the day if I felt my lips were dry. After about a week or so my lips were supple and even seemed a bit poutier!

If your lips feel dry after the first few times using it, don't freak out that is normal.

To remove the lipstick, the most efficient way is to use the LipSense Oops Remover! The next best thing is to use coconut oil or a make up remover that is oil based.

CAUTION!! Do no leave these products in your hot or cold car. What will happen? No idea. But the directions say not to so I trust their judgement.


I mean seriously. Did you really think I wouldn't have a code to hook you up with? You should know me better by now.

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