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Bollywood to Hollywood

Last weekend I was honored with an invitation to blog for the 8th annual Charity Event Fashion Show by Silk Threads! The Show was held at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center where all proceeds benefitted The Asia Center at University of Texas at Dallas! We were welcomed with drinks and an inviting aroma! Argos Fragrances was a vendor booth for the gala where we were able to sample their awesome oil perfumes and colognes. Big fan of oil based perfumes now lemme tell ya.

The event was beautifully decorated by Decor by Faiza highlighting the colors and styles found in fashion of the night. The atmosphere was positive and everyone was kind and welcoming! I even made friends with a few girls in the bathroom that had to help me into a stall because my wheel chair wouldn't fit. That was fun. The power of the girls' bathroom, man. Bringing chicks together since BC. I mean seriously you could hate the other girl at the table and be like "I need to pee" and she be like "I'll go with". It's just what you do!

Of corse the drink sponsors had their hands full with a sold out house, so they deserve quite the shout out. Way to sponsors thanks for dealing with out thirsty arsses!

And let us not forget the nommage sponsors that kept us all from killing each other in a hangry range: The Gardens Restaurant, Bombay Chopstix and Indian sweets from

Royal Sweets and pastries from Delicious Cakes.

The line up of the show was lovely. Colors were bright and the music by Stereo Nation LA was bumpin. ***starts voguing in chair*** The show was divided into segments presenting the progression of fashion from the 70’s to modern day. Over 40 models from different agencies, including Bella Modeling School, walked in the show flaunting Ruby Bhandari designs, the Chief Designer of Silk Threads.

Set the Scene.

1. The first segment was dedicated to the groovy days of the 60s and 70s! I absolutely was googoo for the throwback beehives and psychedelic patterns. Wanted to whip out my bell bottom real quick and jump up on the runway.

Now, keep in mind these photos were taken on my phone...on zoom. So we all know how that goes. But I think they at least give you the gist.

2. The second segment was drippin in 80s and 90s swag. Being a 90s baby I was obviously about it. I love me a good grunge 90s detail in my clothing. **shwerk**

3. The final segment was themed “The Monsoon Wedding“. It was as fancy as it sounds! It showcased the men’s and women’s bridal line from Ruby Bhandari. I literally was gawking at the gowns like a crazy person, but lemme tell ya THEY WERE GAWK WORTHY.

The gala was a magical night and an experience I was honored to be invited to. I think one of the best ways to appreciate cultures is through fashion, and after this event I am definitely thinking about a little something custom made for this gal!!!

til next time...


Lady Liberosis

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