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You've got some nerve!!

Each of my surgeries has been different and more technologically advanced than the last. It use to bother me that I felt like a walking science experiment, but I've learned to appreciate the opportunity to experience medical updates that will help a lot of people. 

With this recent operation, they tested what they call IONM - Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring. It is a surgical service that has become the go-to care for high-risk surgical procedures. The information of IONM allows surgeons to provide extra protection by being able to immediately identify possible impairment and intervene promptly to prevent or reduce permanent post operative neurological deficiants. 

Basically all those fancy words means that surgerons are now able to prevent nerve damage that occurrs often with high risk surgeries like mine. I am a huge fan of this because I have walked away with nerve damage from past sergeries even when the procedures went as planned. To read my nerves, they use needle patters that resemble acupuncture patterns. When they are removed they leave little bruises and scabs. Totally worth it to me though knowing I could find comfort in their extra care to protect my livelihood!

If you have any questions or want to know more about how this can be used in your operation, feel free to ask!


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