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Long, Strong, and Down to Get the Friction On

3 second dance break. Okay done. Now let's talk hair. I want to share with you guys how I managed to naturally grow my hair 2.5" in 4 weeks!

First, let me just set the scene and take a couple steps back to tell you what made me try this solution in the first place. So a couple months back I saw a picture of myself engulfed in my long friggin hair. I think it was probably the longest it's ever been since I was like 6, but not long in a cute way. Long story short... after I chewing everyone out for not telling me I needed a cut, I grew a pair of lady balls and decided to chop that sucker off for the first time. Sat in that salon chair and said make me look like 'my hips don't lie' because dadgumit they don't.

I rocked my mexi curls for a while and loved it, but started to really miss my long hair. After trying a few remedies, this is the recipe that worked the best for me!

Ingredients :

1 cup coconut oil (melted)

2 tbs cayenne pepper

* contains capsaicin which helps to stimulate hair growth and thickness! whats up! Hair grows faster when blood circulation increases around the follicles

Tools :

mason jar


Paint Brush

( I use a 2" paint brush with bristles a little on the corse side to get to the scalp easier )


After mixing the ingredients in the mason jar, leave jar somewhere dark and room temperature ( I just put it in the pantry ). Let it sit for 1 week before application. Do not rub the mixture in your hair just focus painting the scalp!

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