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The Beehive with the Sweetest Honey

Style Spotlight: The beehive + Opal & Onyx Photography

Fort Worth is home to some of the most unique and trendiest boutiques of today! The atmosphere is fresh and upbeat decked out with an insanely beautiful wardrobe to choose from. I kid you not I almost didn't make it out of there. After much deliberation and desperately asking my mom to help me narrow down my options, I walked outta that joint with an outfit I was dead to the world over.

To capture its magic, I turned to Opal & Onyx Photography to do what she does best...slay it. Slay it all, honey. Not only is she so fun to work with but she just gets it. To really show off something you have to be able to capture its movement and its authenticity, and her work executes that in such an effortless way.

Don't take my word for it! Go check it out for yourself and tell them Kailey, that crazy chick that runs around in there like its Disney Land, sent you!

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