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Why you need a Flamboyage

A Flamawhaaah? Flamboyage is a hair color technique that is a variation of the Balyage technique, and is basically my new favorite hurr upgrade. Whenever I wanted to lighten my hair I always went the balyage route because it was more subtle than full blown highlights. But I always felt like it still wasn't blending the way I pictured it in my head. With the Flamboy, I was extremely satisfied with the blending results!!! It's the perfect sunkissed look that actually looks natural!

Instead of using foil, this technique uses clear adhesive strips made out of rice sugar. Super interesting! The strips grab at random sections of hair that will be painted with color. This results in a beautifully soft glow that looks more natural because of it staggered random strands instead of specific chunks. I friggin love how it looks not to mention how it feels! It's so soft and healthy feeling even though it's lighter! That like never happens!!! With my hair, anyway. Anytime I asked to go lighter my hair texture always took a hit. Not this time! What's up I'm a silky sunkissed beauty!

Andrea Gonzales tested the Flamboy on my curly locks at the Robert Morales Studio salon! For my hair, we chose to stay away from both hot and cold tones and lead with a true neutral. Once removing the rice sugar strips and washing out the color, Andrea made it even better by using Davines products, my all time favorite hair care brand, to style my hair!! She spritzed secontions of hair with SU MILK before blow drying with a round brush. Once it was all shiny and volumous, she created loose waves with a curling iron to show off the depth. She finished off the look using the Perfecting Hairspray and voilá!

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