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Fab Fit Fun in the Sun

Becoming a FabFitFun partner has seriously been such a blast so far. I have been a member for only about a month now and I can tell you right off the bat that this is an incredible offer. And I am speaking from a completely unbiased opinion. I do not become a partner in something I don't believe to be worth bragging about to everyone!!! 

A little run down on how it works : every 3 months, FabFitFun members receive a new seasonal gift box with new Fab items. The items are hand picked by the team ensuring what you get is high quality and on top of today's trends! Because there are four season, you only have to make the payment 4 times a year! AND ITS ONLY $49.99! Like what are you talking about?!? That's beyond reasonable considering the high quality items involved!! Plus, by using my link you can get $10 off from that, so HELLO this box is too good to pass up. $200 worth of fabulousness for only $39.99 like what the actually crap?! I'm never getting over it. Indulge in fashion finds, beauty secrets, and fab fitness gear to keep you glamorous and motivated all season long! Plus it's fun to get presents in the mail hehe.

FUN Fact

Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box. For the summer box, the designer is Libby Vanderploeg . She is quite the inspired artist I so look forward to working with her down the road. 


STEP 1. Use my link below for discount. Signing up is free!

STEP 2. Use Code SUMMERLOVE at check out for $10 OFF!

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