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Accessories make or break an outfit, in my opinion, so I decided to join the club of Rockets! Yes, I made that up but I like it so I'm sticking with it. Rocksbox is a really fun concept that turns shopping for new frosting into a monthly dress up surprise box! For $21 a month with free shipping, you get to try out three different pieces of jewelry before you buy! You can either decide to let them surprise you with items or you can create a wishlist. The wishlist is an awesome feature because it allows you to browse the items and designers available and create a list of the ones you want them to send you. The three items listed at the bottom were ones I received based on my wishlist. I love this concept because I enjoy getting mail hehe and I love accessorizing, but lets be real I don't want to go all over Tarnation to try on these different brands if I don't even know if I am going to like them on me. With Rocksbox I eliminated all hastle and get to keep all the fun!

After taking the jewelry for a spin, you pay for what you want and send back what you don't! They provide a shipping label so shipping is free! If you decide to keep all three items you receive $10 discount woop woop! If you want to try out your first month FREE use my code kahbaowxoxo

1. Aster Quince Fringe Earrings

2. Kendra Scott Marie Earrings in Turquoise Magnesite

3. GORJANA Horn Charm Necklace

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