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Show Me Your NuNu

I'm big on trying new products, but the one thing I will not compromise on is the quality and making sure the ingredients are safe and natural. Research research research. I can't stress enough how important it is to research all the ingredients before adding it to your skin rejumine. 

My friend, Kayla , introduced me to this brand called Nu Skin ! They have everything from make up to zit cream that dries your zits out over friggin night. 

My skin feels a lot more balanced and less oily now that it's summer and I sweat like a banchy in the Texas heat. 

I love the mask but I love the next product even more. Say hello to my little friend the Nu Skin Clear Action Night Treatmen t. The three musketeers fighting crime in this treatment are Salytic acid (my best friend), retinol, and patented alpha lipoic acid. They work together to  fight against skin discoloration and correct skins texture. Even helps to heal up old acne scars!! You can use this product all over your face before bed or use it as a spot treatment. First night I used it the pesky little blind zit coming in on my chin was completely gone the next morning and it never came to the surface! 

Needless to say, I can't wait to try more products from this line. If you'd like to try a product for yourself I'd hit up my girl Kayla cuz she got the hook up!!

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