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It's Not Pilates It's Lagree!

Today, I was privileged to join in on a Onelagree class, and let me tell you...I left drenched, motivated, and already feeling sore in the best way. It is very similar to other pilates classes in the sense that they focus on low impact and strengthening. What makes The Lagree Method different is that it is preformed at a much higher intensity. Lagree combines strength, cardio, balance, core and flexibility with the goal of efficient movements in mind. Anyone dedicated to efficiency is my friend. The class was only 50 minutes and I worked every muscle! I felt a tear coming on a few times but I finished strong! So needless to say I was not in tip top pilates shape walking in, but the instructor, Kay Vargas, was attentive, upbeat and totally by my side when I needed her to tweak my form. Basically she kicked my butt but was nice about it. Baha.

I really enjoyed the facility itself as well! I appreciated the exclusive feeling. There are only about 10 machines, so I did not feel lost in a big class. I enjoy having space to myself and receiving one on one help from the instructor if needed. The interior was simple and clean with the main focus being just about you, your machine, and your hard work.

I definitely recommend signing up for a class and trying it out for yourself. I guarantee you will work out muscles that you forgot you had #SummerReady #Sore #WorthIt

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