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Grapecapade : Eats


I cannot begin to tell you how much I adored this joint. It was Joanna Gains meets greenhouse meets brunch. Is there a better combination? The atmosphere is fresh and modern with architectural attention to design. There is a patio that resembles the inside of a greenhouse, while the dining area is open and bright. The seating is made up of outdoor furniture, which i found to be genius. Plus the food and drinks are bomb, so if you visit Napa and DON'T visit this restaurant you are making a big mistake!!

This hidden gem might not be the first eatery you come across, but if you a curious creature like me you might just find it! At the end of a long, narrow alley is a door that seems like a backdoor for staff only, but open it and you are welcome with open arms and led to an open table. Felt like a mafia princess! The menu is a bit fancy with verbiage I was not familiar with, but everything I tried was awesome and full of flavor.

Oh. My. Living. Goodness. This spot was by far my favorite place we visited the entire trip! Balcony seating that looks over a view that could make you cry. Unfortunately, you cannot make reservations so it is first come for the balcony. I recommend going around sunset to leave time to fight for a table with dignity, which will also give the sun some time to go down so its not in your face. The drink menu is creative and inspired. Even their simple cappuccinos were strangely delicious. The unicorn of a bartender sprinkled magic in the coffee I just know it. To top it all off they have a walking trail that leads down to the poolside seating and spas for those staying in the attached hotel. Like...hi.

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