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Grapecapade : Wineries

I love experiencing new places, but the act of traveling I think sucks so hard. So, if I am going to visit a spot you better believe it is because I know it is going to be worth it!!

I recently took a family trip to Napa Valley for the first time, and needless to say it was incredible. If you are looking for a loud party scene this is not the place to visit. I am not a fan of racket so I was in my element. The scenery if enough to make you teary eyed, and the history and architecture is mind blowing. We did not participate in any tours during our venture of the grapes. I recommend skipping out on them and finding out information yourself! Be social, talk to the experts and ask your own questions. You will learn so much! Let your curiosity lead the way and take the time to walk around and just enjoy the moments. That is just my own personal suggestion though. I have listed out some of my favorite spots that we visited :


Let me just tell you that this winery is like stepping into the Medieval era and it is pure magic. It is basically a huge friggin castle with authenticity you would not believe. I definitely got lost a couple times but was not one bit mad about it. There were random chickens just walking around everywhere so I made friends.

The dungeon level is where the tastings take place where you choose 6-8 types of wine from a given list. I knew absolutely nothing about wine previously, but I left feeling educated and actually found a wine I loved (which has never happened). My favorite is a german wine called Gewurztraminer! Don't ask me to say it because I will no doubt butcher it.

This winery was quaint and historic. They are known for being California's oldest continually operating winery! So obviously they know what they are doing. They were also the winery that started the hospitable trend of public tours back in 1934. Fredrick Beringer's victorian home is now the centerpiece of the property. With some renovations and upkeep, the home stands the test of time and remains remarkably beautiful and unique. You will want to move in and never leave. The winery is mapped with paths and stopping points to enjoy the botanical corners along the journey. To sum it all up, this winery is a wrinkle time placed in the center of a zen garden!

Holy crap the view!!! I am not new to the California scenery and I still was left in admiration over the view. This winery was bustling with tourists, which totally makes sense because but I did not enjoy that part. It took away from the authenticity for me, but that just my own personal view. The architecture is somewhat U shaped with a large field of grass in the center. This was a perfect landing spot for those who needed a nap or just wine wasted. The field also allows them to host concerts there as well!!

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